End Date:  September 26 Author:  Naomi Novik Published:  2015 Genre:  Young Adult / Fantasy Pages:  438 (hardcover) Selected By:  BillMo

City of Stairs (The Divine Cities #1)

End Date:  July 25 Author:  Robert Jackson Bennett Published:  2014 Genre:  Fantasy Pages:  452 (paperback) Selected By:  Our Virtual Members

The Goblin Emperor

End Date:  May 30th Author:  Katherine Addison Published:  2014 Genre:  Fantasy Pages:  446 (hardcover) Selected By:  The Divine Ms. Em

The Night Circus

Read:  2014 Author:  Erin Morgenstern Published:  2012 Genre:  Fantasy Pages:  387 (hardcover) Selected By:  Elle Tea, by Recommendation from Ms. Em