The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam #2)

Read:  2018 Author:  Margaret Atwood Published:  2009 Genre:  Science Fiction / Dystopian Novel Pages:  448 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

The Girl with All the Gifts

End Date:  May 28th Author:  M.R. Carey Published:  2014 Genre:  Horror Pages:  460 (paperback) Selected By:  BillMo

Fire & Ash (Benny Imura #4)

Read:  2015 Author:  Jonathan Maberry Published:  2013 Genre:  Mystery Pages:  544 (paperback) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

Dust & Decay (Benny Imura #2)

Read:  2014 Author:  Jonathan Maberry Published:  2012 Genre:  Young Adult Pages:  519 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe