Shorefall (The Founders Trilogy #2)

Read:  June 2020 Author:  Robert Jackson Bennett Published:  2020 Genre:  Fantasy Length:  512 pgs (hardcover)  |  19h 40m (audio) Selected By:  Lady Esbe Average Review: 

The Testaments (The Handmaid’s Tale #2)

Read:  October 2019 Author:  Margaret Atwood Published:  2019 Genre:  Fiction Length:  576 (paperback)  |  13 h 18 m (audiobook) Selected By:  Lady Esbe Average Review:

Sleepyhead (Tom Thorne #1)

Read:  July 2019 Author:  Mark Billingham Published:  2002 Genre:  Mystery / Suspense Pages:  320 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe Average Review:

Storm Cursed (Mercy Thompson #11)

Read:  2019 Author:  Patricia Briggs Published:  2019 Genre:  Urban Fantasy Pages:  368 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

The Reunion

End Date:  April 27th Author:  Samantha Hayes Published:  2018 Genre:  Mystery & Suspense Pages:  383 (paperback) Selected By:  Lady Esbe Average Review: 

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

End Date:  January 26th Author:  Neil Gaiman Published:  2013 Genre:  Fantasy Pages:  181 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe Average Review:  

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium #1)

End Date:  December 29th Author:  Stieg Larsson Narrator:  Simon Vance Published:  2005 Genre:  Mystery & Suspense Length:  16 hours and 19 minutes Selected By:  Lady Esbe Lady Esbe’s Score: 

After You (Me Before You #2)

Read:  2018 Author:  Jojo Moyes Narrator:  Anna Acton Published:  2015 Genre:  General Fiction Length:  11 hrs and 6 min (audible) Selected By:  Lady Esbe