Read:  August 2019 Author:  Joe Hill Published:  2013 Genre:  Horror Pages:  720 (paperback) Selected By:  Elle Tea Average Review:

The Haunting of Hill House

Read:  2018 Author:  Shirley Jackson Published:  1959 Genre:  Horror Pages:  208 (paperback) Selected By:  Elle Tea

Gretel (Gretel #1)

End Date:  August 25th Author:  Christopher Coleman Published:  2017 Genre:  Horror Pages:  318 (paperback) Selected By:  BillMo Average Review: 

I Am Legend

End Date:  July 28th Author:  Richard Matheson Published:  1954 Genre:  Horror Pages:  151 (hardcover) Selected By:  Elle Tea Average Review: 

House of Leaves

End Date:  October 28th Author:  Mark Z. Danielewski Published:  2000 Genre:  Horror Pages:  709 (paperback) Selected By:  Elle Tea Average Review: 

The Girl with All the Gifts

End Date:  May 28th Author:  M.R. Carey Published:  2014 Genre:  Horror Pages:  460 (paperback) Selected By:  BillMo

The Passage (The Passage #1)

End Date:  March 26 Author:  Justin Cronin Published:  2010 Genre:  Horror Pages:  766 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

The Governor Series

Read:  2015 Author:  Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga Published:  2011 – 2014 Genre:  Horror Pages:  Various Selected By:  Elle


Read:  2015 Author:  Dan O’Brien Published:  2011 Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Horror Pages:  224 (paperback) Selected By:  Lady Esbe