Harlem Redux

Read:  2017 Author:  Persia Walker Published:  2002 Genre:  Mystery & Suspense, Historical Fiction Pages:  320 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

The Eagle & The Raven

End Date:  December 19 Author:  Pauline Gedge Published:  1978 Genre:  Historical Fiction Pages:  694 (hardcover) Selected By:  Elle Tea

The Sound of Things Falling

Read:   June 2014 Author:  Juan Gabriel Vasquez Published:  2013 Genre:  Historical Fiction Pages:  288 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

Leonidas of Sparta

Read:   May – June 2014 Author:  Helena P. Schrader Published:  2010 – 2012 Genre:  Historical Fiction Selected By:  Elle Tea

Flow Down Like Silver

Read:   2012 Author:  Ki Longfellow Published:  2009 Genre:  Historical Fiction Pages:  301 (paperback) Selected By:  Elle Tea