“If my book is open, your mouth should be closed.”

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Gigglemug Book Club was begun by four relatively antisocial women who do happen to read quite a bit but were probably really just looking for an excuse to throw tea parties.

The Gigglemug book-ranking summary is easy to understand: the more full cups of tea a book has, the more the reader / reviewer liked it.  So:

Scoring Hated Book

:  “I hate everything about this book!”

Scoring No Like Book

:  “I don’t care for it, but it isn’t horrid.”

Scoring It Was OK Book

:  “It’s okay.”

Scoring Liked Book

:  “I like this book.”

Scoring Great Book

:  “This book is great, but…”

Scoring Loved Book

:  “I love everything about this book!”

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EsbeLady Esbe has very little time to herself, but what few moments she can spare for leisure she typically fills with books, cooking, or travel.  She enjoys various genres; however, she does try to abstain from reading too many books of a fanciful romantic nature.  Being a self-declared “dog person,” Lady Esbe is quite shocked to find that she enjoys being the adoptive mother to two highly-adventurous – and appallingly naughty – little boy cats.  When not working, reading, or chasing those wild boys down from every tree in the neighborhood, Mlle. Esbe can be found watching true-crime documentaries, sipping coffee in her local cafe, going to the cinema, hanging out at the Farmer’s Market, perusing the newest offerings at IKEA, or attending concerts.

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ElleElle Tea purchased an Amazon Kindle solely because it permitted her to carry thousands of books upon her person all at once, and, prior to the invention of e-readers, her attempts to do this very thing had resulted in an assortment of ripped bags and one very sore back.  She is a hugger of trees who prefers the company of animal-people over that of most human-people, with the exceptions of her fellow Ladies and the exceedingly patient Manimal who finds her odd nature amusing and endearing rather than worrisome and frightening.  Her home has been described as being “a bit like Snape’s office and Trelawney’s classroom spliced with Rivendell,” and this eclectic mishmash of incense-filled space is presided over by an extremely chatty and extraordinarily bossy furbaby who is roughly the same size as, and only marginally heavier than, a loaf of bread.  While Elle has many hippy-dippy artsy-fartsy hobbies and interests with which she fills her time, one of her favorites is reading – and though she likes most genres of books, she prefers to avoid those wherein romance is the sole objective.

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BillMoBillMo doesn’t like the idea of online biographies, as she is afraid of stalkers, identity thieves, and serial killers using her information to do her terrible and possibly irreparable harm.  This is what we can tell you about her:  she probably does not live in Hawaii, it is unlikely she has ever been to Holland, she will more than likely never go to Russia, she does or does not have a secret fondness for television shows specializing in makeovers, she cautions against believing the rumor that she was raised by wolves, she might or might not have once challenged a law enforcement officer to a duel, it is rumored that she has a nearly pathological terror of batteries and light bulbs, she may or may not have bamboozled a young gentleman into caring for her so as to avoid becoming a ward of the State, and she may or may not live in a pond of hand sanitizer located within a plastic bubble which has been erected within a heavily-fortified home defended by trebuchets and rooftop snipers.  When left to her own devices, Bill prefers to read Young Adult novels and avoids like the plague poetry, Shakespeare, and non-fiction.

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Border Vine 2 EmAs of March 2016, the Divine Ms. Em is no longer a member of Gigglemug Book Club.  Her biography for GBC was as follows:

The Divine Ms. Em is a very busy and career-minded lady.  When not playing the role of nanny for groups of alleged adults, she enjoys reading, drawing, tatting, gaming (PC and mobile apps), watching Downton Abbey and House of Cards, perusing fine stoneware, and spending time with Dammitjeff and their three spoiled LCNs (Ladies of a Canine Nature): Mystic, Maddy, and Tara.  In an ironic twist, Ms. Em suffers from TLDRS (Too-Long-Didn’t-Read Syndrome), which makes it impossible for her to read video game walk-throughs or e-mail messages consisting of more than three sentences; however, she will read – at least once – just about any book you place before her.  Unless that book is from the horror genre, in which case she will create a circle of salt around it and light it on fire, and then spend an hour reading something sweet and light-hearted in order to scrub from her brain all of the blood and gore to which you attempted to subject her.

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If you still have questions for the mesdames, please leave us your calling card, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible**:

**  Please allow 48 – 72 hours to receive a response. **

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