Prudence (The Custard Protocol #1)

End DateDecember 29th

AuthorGail Carriger



Pages 368 (hardcover)

Selected ByBillMo

BillMo’s Score:  Scoring Great Book

“When Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama (“Rue” to her friends) is bequeathed an unexpected dirigible, she does what any sensible female under similar circumstances would do – she christens it the Spotted Custard and floats off to India.

“Soon, she stumbles upon a plot involving local dissidents, a kidnapped brigadier’s wife, and some awfully familiar Scottish werewolves.  Faced with a dire crisis (and an embarrassing lack of bloomers), Rue must rely on her good breeding – and her metanatural abilities – to get to the bottom of it all.”

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BillMo’s Review

I really liked this book.  I have been wanting to read it for quite some time and had not found the time to dedicate to it.  I am definitely going to read the next book in the series.  I am very glad that Gail Carriger decided to do a spinoff following one of her characters that came from her series The Parasol Protectorate.
She inspired, at even the best balls, a sensation of imminent dread.
I love her writing style and it reads so smoothly like a nice cup of tea!  This might be one of the few books that I have read where the main character is probably my favorite.  I really do like Rue.  She is unconventional and where she does try to keep up appearances for the sake of society and her status as a lady she does tend to have blunders along the way.  She also does not have to have someone take care of her but has a great group of reliable friends and acquaintances that sure does make an adventure much easier to carry on with their assistance.
“You are too easily amused, Rue. Do try for a tone of disinterested refinement.”
I wasn’t sure how I was going to like Primrose Tunstell in this book because I was concerned she was going to be too much like her mother from The Parasol Protectorate, but she wasn’t.  Part of her charm was to be pretty, well-bred, and a little silly but the silly was a mere camouflage, a distraction if you will.
“Both of you smallish, roundish, and sweetly wholesome, like perfectly exquisite dinner rolls.”
This is a book with a bit of a romantic side.  Now keep in mind it’s not a romance novel where it’s only about steamy intimacies.  No, there is just some sexual tension through the book but not enough to be smutty.  My word people!  These are proper British ladies and gents we are talking about.  This being said it was a very tasteful come hither.
“I think it’s your fashion choices.” Dama did not look offended. “My dear, I cannot think of a better reason to dislike a person!”
The story was fantastic!  It was tea espionage at it’s best.  Now this might sound silly but tea is nothing to be trifled with and the story did have something else come to pass but my word!  What else does one need in a story other than tea espionage?!
What else could the aristocracy do with such a travesty in its midst but absorb it entirely?
There was a level of silly that I just adore.  It’s nice to read a book that is well written and not overly serious.  There are lessons that can be taken about getting a long with others but a lot of the story was very light and a delightful read!  I can’t wait to read the next one.  What will happen with this British motley crew?  Also, who wouldn’t want to follow a group that sails about in a dirigible that is dressed like a ladybug?  That’s what I said a ladybug!
Apart from the indecorous idea of an aristocrat spitting, she would abhor the waste of tea.
Now I must leave you to read this adventure of tea carried about in a floating ladybug.  I will leave you with some other exceptional quotes and the need to read this story of nanty narking!
“I don’t like men who won’t listen to my mind over theirs.”
“After all, how can one avoid chili peppers if one doesn’t adequately track their movements and migration patterns?”
“It is a very great thing, my Puggle, not to be taken seriously, he had one said.”
For the first time Rue realised that beauty might also be applied with power, like a particularly stinky but highly desirable cheese.
“I must say, like most daughters, I resent being accused of emulating my mother.”
“How did we go from tea to death so quickly?” wondered Quesnel.  “Sometimes,” said Prim darkly, “there is a very fine line between the two.”
“Never liken a lady to a horse.”
“Funny that even in my fantasies I lose arguments with my mother.”
Scientific truth or not, some definitions are a matter of cultural tradition.  It all comes down to categorisation in the end.
Clearly the loss of one’s beloved wife was not allowed to interfere with ones enjoyment of supper.
“If only some of the now conquered lands had known naked aristocrats is all it takes.”
It must be said, however, that large hairy men ill-suited pink ruffles.  It was like seeing a mastiff in an ostrich feather boa.

BillMo’s Favorite Character(s):  Primrose Tunstell and Lord Akeldama.

BillMo read the Amazon Kindle version of this selection.

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