Introducing… Kenneth!

Favorite Book Genre(s):

Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Least Favorite Book Genre(s):

I’d assume Romance, but I’ve never read one.

Five Favorite Books of all Time:

The Wise Man’s Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss

Pawn of Prophecy (Book 1, The Belgariad), by David Eddings

Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson

The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells

Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson

Three Least Favorite Books of all Time:

The Inheritance Cycle (Series), by Christopher Paolini

The Scroll of Years (Book 1, Gaunt & Bone Series), by Chris Willrich

Reamde, by Neal Stephenson

Favorite Author(s):

H.G. Wells or Ray Bradbury

Favorite Literary Quotes:

“And before we judge them too harshly we must remember what ruthless and utter destruction our own species has wrought, not only upon animals, such as the vanished bison and the dodo, but upon its inferior races.”H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds

She’s a woman, you’re a dude.  You’re not supposed to understand her.  That’s not what she’s after.  She doesn’t want you to understand her.  She knows that’s impossible.  She just wants you to understand yourself.  Everything else is negotiable. ”  –  Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

Coffee or Tea:



Mainly gaming (tabletop, PC, and console).

If you could interview any author, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Who: Ideally it would be a round-table discussion with H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, and Isaac Asimov, with Douglas Adams as mediator.  Why:  Because having any sort of discussion with so many geniuses would be a mind-blowing, life-changing sort of moment.

A Lil’ Something Extra:

I’m part of a rare species of human: the armchair evolutionary biologist.

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