Top-Drawer Tomes

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Gigglemug has been floating in the vast internet sea for a little over a year now, and Esbe, Elle, BillMo, and Ms. Em have decided it is high time to try something new.  During the past few months, the Ladies have received more than a few e-mails regarding books which our Virtual Members have suggested as Interim or Monthly Selections*, many of which were quite intriguing but simply impossible to work into the reading schedule.

Well, dear friends, your voices have been heard, and we here at Gigglemug Book Club are pleased to bring you a new pilot program dubbed Top-Drawer Tomes – where you pick the book our Ladies read for the selected month!

Each of our Virtual Members received an e-mail approximately a month ago in which they were asked for five submission suggestions (if you were subscribed to Gigglemug Book Club as of May 1 but didn’t receive an e-mail in your Inbox, please check your Spam folder – and don’t worry, another chance to have the Ladies review your book of choice for Top-Drawer Tomes will be coming around again soon!).

Thank you to all of our Virtual Members who participated!  The overall list of submissions from which the Ladies had to draw was quite hefty, but they’ve managed to condense the collection down to seven books.  We assure you that the selection process was entirely fair, anonymous, and in no way influenced by any of our Ladies; they simply took the seven books which were most commonly suggested by you, Gigglemug’s fellow literature lovers.

So, please take a brief moment to select which one of the following works you would like to see reviewed in the first month of our new Top-Drawer Tomes program: July 2015.

And, as always:  Keep Calm & Read On!

(Voting ends on Monday, June 22, 2015.)

* Please also remember, dear fellow readers, that you are welcome to comment on any of the posted reviews at any time.  You may also submit your own independent reviews for publishing right here on Gigglemug by simply going to the Contact page and selecting “Interim Review Submission” from the drop-down box.  (Note:  Interim Reviews are credited to you as the author, so please ensure that the name you include in your review is the one you would like the world to see; Interim Reviews are also submitted as-is and are in no way edited by any of our Ladies prior to posting.)

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  1. Lady Esbe says:

    Looking forward to seeing what our selection will be. PLEASE VOTE!

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