The Passage (The Passage #1)

End Date:  March 26 Author:  Justin Cronin Published:  2010 Genre:  Horror Pages:  766 (hardcover) Selected By:  Lady Esbe

The Night Circus

End Date:  February 27 Author:  Erin Morgenstern Published:  2012 Genre:  Fantasy Pages:  387 (hardcover) Selected By:  The Divine Ms. Em

Harmony Black (Harmony Black #1)

Read:  2016 Author:  Craig Schaefer Published:  2016 Genre:  Urban Fantasy Pages:  332 (paperback) Selected By:  Elle Tea

Below Stairs

Read:  2016 Author:  Margaret Powell Published:  1968 Genre:  Autobiography / Memoir Pages:  212 (hardcover) Selected By:  Elle Tea

The Desolate Trilogy

Read:  2016 Author:  Robert Brumm Published:  2011 – 2013 Genre:  Science Fiction Pages:  Various Selected By:  Lady Esbe

Sam Capra Series

Read:  2015 Author:  Jeff Abbott Published:  2011 – 2015 Genre:  Mystery & Suspense Pages:  Various Selected By:  Lady Esbe